Yesterday, I took my dog to get a haircut. He was so fluffy that he barely had a face anymore. It wasn’t fair to him because he would get so hot outside. If you didn’t know, dogs can have heatstroke’s outside in the summer especially in Florida. If it’s hot outside, please get your animal shaved or trimmed down. When I picked my dog up from the groomer I was so surprised. My dog was completely shaved and didn’t even look like the same dog! My dog literally came back looking like a fat chihuahua! The groomer shaved all the hair off my dogs face. So remember, if you take your dog to a groomer be sure to tell them exactly what you want. I just told the groomer to “cut it short” and I had no idea she was going to shave my entire dog completely! Also, be sure to research a groomer before taking your dog there. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences when taking my dog to PetsMart such as bad haircuts, and even cutting my dog’s chest really bad to the point where he was bleeding a lot and had a deep hole. Therefore, I had to find a new groomer which happens to be really close to me. The groomer I go to is called ” A Handsome Hound” and when the animals are done being groomed they get to hang out on the floor with each other and have fun. I really like this aspect of the place because I don’t want my dog in a cage until I drive back to the groomer to pick him up. Anyway, just remember to keep your animals safe, and cool in the summer!


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