I’m sure anyone who owns an animal knows the struggle with fleas. I just recently found fleas on my two dogs, which is to be expected because they run around in a wooded area. You’re supposed to give animals flea medicine every month, however as you may know that can get expensive. I’ve tried so many at home remedies such as; bathing the animal in Dawn Dish Soap, rosemary, the salt remedy, and many others. These at home remedies just don’t work, and it’s hard to see your animal in discomfort. My dogs used to take a strong flea pill that started working on 30 minutes. The pill was called Comfortis, and it made my dogs vomit and really sick for 3 days after I gave them the pill. My dogs also hated the pill because it had a terrible smell. The dogs were supposed to take the pill like a treat and the pill is advertised as a beef chew, however it smells nothing like a dog treat and a lot like chemicals. This pill was $35 each and I had to by two doses because I have two dogs, this makes the pills $70 a month which was outrageous. I couldn’t let this go on, so I asked my vet what else I could do. There is this new flea pill called Simparica and it is amazing. It’s actually for fleas and ticks so you’re getting double the coverage for less money. These pills cost me $16.50 each, making my total bill a month $33, which is a lot more doable. My dogs loved this pill and took it like a treat, which really surprised me! They were begging for more after, and the pill never made them sick.  I hope that I could help some people find a better and cheaper flea pill. I wish I had known about this pill sooner in order to save some money!


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