Harnesses or Collars?

Hello everyone! I’ve heard a lot of opinions when it comes to walking your dogs with harnesses or collars. I’ve seen many people use harnesses because they make your dog feel safe, and they allow the owner to have more control. However, there are people out in this world who prefer to attach their dog’s leach to their dog’s collar, and that’s fine, but what you should know is attaching a leach to a collar is not right for every dog. For example, harnesses distribute the pressure of your dog pulling on the leach evenly through the chest, back, and stomach. This is a good thing because there is no risk of a lot of pressure damaging a part of your dog. When a leach is attached to a collar of a dog and the dog pulls or lunges at something that is where things can go bad. Every time you attach a leach to a collar of a dog, you risk breaking the dog’s trachea and causing respiratory issues. Since a collar goes around a dogs neck, and the leach is usually attached to the back of the dogs neck, when the dog pulls a lot of pressure is forced on the dog’s trachea or windpipe. If the dog’s windpipe breaks under that pressure then the dog could die from lack of air. You really need to know how your dog reacts on a leach in order to decide if a collar or harness is better for them. If your dog lunges at other dogs or other things during a walk, then I’d suggest a harness. If your dog is calm and knows how to properly walk on a leach and is well trained, then attaching a leach to their collar would work for them.  I’d personally always choose the harness because then you wouldn’t risk the chance of harming your dog. Just remember, each dog is different just like humans, and they all need different things in life. Pay attention to your animals and always make sure that they are safe and healthy because they rely on you to keep them safe and healthy. 🐾


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