Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Hello again everyone! My dog Reggie recently had to go to the vet to get a tooth removed, and to get his teeth cleaned. For almost two years his breath stunk SO BAD! He also wouldn’t eat hard dog food anymore, and we had to start feeding him soft pate food. We knew there was a problem, however for some reason we never got him checked out. Turns out Reggie had a bad mouth infection and had to be put on a round of antibiotics. Lucky we found a vet that did an amazing job and was very cheap. So if you ever are in the position where your animal needs oral surgery, here is what to expect for the aftercare. My dog was very confused from the anesthesia for two whole days. He also had to be put on another round of antibiotics to make sure an infection didn’t occur in the open wound from his now missing tooth. Lastly, I received pain medicine which helped out a lot. I could tell Reggie was very uncomfortable, and the pain pill allowed him to lay down and relax. Now, the most interesting part to come out of all of this was the vet telling my mom and I that you’re actually supposed to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Who would’ve thought that? Apparently, you should brush your dog’s teeth daily. However, you have to set a routine in order to make your dog comfortable with the brushing, and so they’re not surprised and scared of the brushing. You have to work up to brushing daily, so start off brushing one day a week, and then two days a week and so on. Even three days a week can make a difference. Brushing your dog’s teeth gets rid of plaque build up, and prevents gum disease. By making your dog have clean and healthy teeth, you lower the risk of your dog losing teeth or having to have teeth removed. I wish I would’ve known all of this information so I could have prevented my dog all of this pain and discomfort. My advise would be to go to a pet store and pick up a dog toothbrush and some dog safe tooth paste. 🐾


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