Dogs with Anxiety

Hello everyone, today we’re going to discuss a rather serious and sad topic. My dog Reggie is 11 years old, and has always struggled with seizures and anxiety. Reggie got to the point where he was having seizures every night. We recently put him on medication. I highly recommend the medication phenobarbital. It’s helped Reggie not have a single seizure since we put him on it. The good thing is that there is medication to help dogs with seizures, however there hasn’t been a vet that has recommended anxiety medicine. Based on my personal experience, I’ve tried many things to get rid of or lower my dogs anxiety. I’ve tried calming treats that are all natural, and they’re made to help with anxiety. However, Reggie did not like the taste and when we finally got him to eat a piece we saw no improvement. I’ve also tried a product known as the “Thunder Shirt” which is a tight harness like piece of clothing for your dog. This helped a little bit for Reggie, but he doesn’t find it that comfortable. Recently I bought Reggie some little pajamas because as you all know the “winter” here in Florida can be a little harsh for some with thin blood. Reggie hates the cold, and is always looking for a warm lap or a fuzzy blanket to snuggle into. So to help him be warm during the cold weeks I got him cute little pajamas. Surprisingly the pajamas helped with his anxiety. Overall he just laid down and slept with them on. I was so relieved because normally Reggie perks up at every little noise and cries all the time for no reason. He didn’t do this once with his pajamas. So if any of you have a dog with anxiety I highly recommend a full body piece of clothing. Also, if your dog has seizures please please please get them on medication. It helps a lot and it’s very cheap. Stay safe and I’ll talk to you soon! 🐾

🐾 P.S I have found a really good and affordable vet,”Planned Pethood” in Zephyrhills. 🐾


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