Hello everyone! Today we’re discussing a unique treat for your dog. Now, most people usually give their dogs store bought treats that are processed and come in a bag. Some people even take the time out of their day to home make treats for their dogs because they feel it’s healthier, and they like knowing exactly what ingredients they’re giving their dog. For me, I like the experience of taking my dogs out for a car ride. Dogs love getting out of the house because most of the time they’re cooped up in it because we humans have busy lives. The treat that most people don’t know about, that has now become my new favorite are Starbucks Puppuccinos! I go to Starbucks a lot, and these little treats for your dog are absolutely free. Basically, a Puppuccino is a little espresso cup filled with whipped cream. It’s the cutest little thing ever! My dog’s love them, however they’re rare treats in my household. You have to be careful with dairy products and your dogs. Some dogs have allergies to dairy products, and some dogs have a hard time digesting dairy. So before you give your dog their very own Puppuccino, take precaution and give them a little lick first and take the time to see how their body reacts. Always remember to have fun, and stay safe! Talk to you soon! 🐾


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